Here are the stories which I have on offer – live and on Zoom. I am telling the stories without notes or books, stand-up and in direct contact with my audience.

LOOK UP AND LOVE THE WORLD – stories about life, loss and faith
Based on my new book Look up and love the world coming out May/June 2021.

THE IMPERFECT LIFE – a handful of Bible stories
Most of us are chasing The Perfect Life. Money, success, endless love. However, I have experienced that Bible stories provides an alternative to today’s narrative of the perfect life. According to the Bible flaws, defeats, suffering are part of our basic conditions as human beings. Which gives another perspective – and the freedom to accept our imperfections.

WRESTLING WITH LIFE – stories from Scandinavian literature
Wrestling with life can be a tough task! Therefore, it is important that we have great stories which shed light on our very existence, ethical dilemmas and current society. I will point to a number of stories from contemporary literature by, for example, the Dane Jens Christian Grøndahl and the Norwegian Jan Kjærstad, and show how to use the stories as wisdom and guidance in our everyday life when wrestling with identity, joys, illness and death.

I’m fascinated by the power of storytelling. For many years I’ve been telling stories, performing in Denmark and London. In this workshop I am focusing on the key elements necessary to both create and tell a compelling story:
– Use stories to deliver a message
– Connect with your audience through storytelling
– How to structure a story
– Using body language and vocal variety
– How to find and develop your stories