Hello and welcome!

I am priest at St Katharine’s, the Danish Church in London which is a spiritual, cultural and social meeting place for all Danes living in London.

In addition I have been preoccupied with storytelling. I am particularly focused on telling stories from the Bible and contemporary Scandinavian literature by, for example, the Dane Ida Jessen, Icelandic Jon Kalman Stefansson, and the Russian Dostoevsky.

In a Corona-time dominated by materialism and an enormous media flow, it is important that we have great stories which shed light on our very existence, ethical dilemmas and current society. Stories from which we can take courage to carry on. Often, we find that a story provides more wisdom, more hope and more knowledge than scientific data and analysis.

I have been performing all over Denmark and in London – telling stories at schools, pubs, churches, libraries, hospitals, prisons, Zoom and other digital platforms. Storytelling has been half of my life over the last 20 years.