In English


I am priest at the Danish Church in London which is located between buzzing Camden Town and beautiful Regent’s Park.

In addition to my clerical duties I am a storyteller and writer. I have been particularly focused on telling stories from the Bible and contemporary Scandinavian literature, for example, the Dane Ida Jessen, Icelandic Jon Kalman Stefansson, and the Russian Dostoevsky.

In a time dominated by materialism and an enormous media flow, it is important that we have great stories which shed light on our very existence, ethical dilemmas and current society. Often, we find that a story provides more wisdom and knowledge than scientific data and analysis.

Also I play the fiddle – just for the fun of it. Music and singing has always been an important part of my life.


I have published the following books. Unfortunately, they are not translated into English.

  • I litteraturens spejl (In the Mirror of Literature – how to use stories from literature as life support)
  • Det uperfekte liv (The Imperfect Life – about Bible stories in our modern times)
  • Kunsten at fortælle (The Art of Storytelling – about how to tell stories from literature and the Bible
  • And a video: 42 stories from the Bible


Furthermore, I am blogging about my life as a Danish priest amid multi-pick-and-mix London. I gather stories from the church and the Danes, from London, media, books – the whole paradox of living, the craziness of life.  Particularly on the following topics:

Life and faith in modern society
The Danish Church in London
Stories and storytelling

The blogs are for free inspiration and use. At some point in the future, I will put them together in a book.  I haven’t decided the title quite yet.


DANISH HYGGE, SINGING AND PASTRY – A story about the Danish Church in London
Church, culture house and language school in one. That’s how it is at the Danish Church in London. It is a broad, roomy and inclusive church. It began in 1692 the first Danish pastor was appointed to serve Danes in London. There has been a Danish pastor in London  ever since. Today we have a flourishing church, it being an important meeting point for Danes in London. I will tell the story with emphasis on central figures/people and events and give a picture of the  church, faith and the roots in Denmark from the perspective of Danes living in London.
15-30 minutes.

PLAIN AND CHEERFUL – A story about the Danish N.F.S. Grundtvig
It is no exaggeration to say that more than anyone else, N.F.S. Grundtvig, is crucial to Danish culture and everyday life. His ideas and philosophy are alive and put in practise in numerous instances. Most importantly, his songs have chiselled their way into the Danish consciousness and are sung on all occasions in churches, schools, on radio stations, and in families. He was born 1783 and I will briefly tell the story of his life with emphasis on the key ideas of his theology and philosophy. Also, we will sing a number of his best-known songs, which are translated into English.
20-50 minutes