An important part of my storytelling business has been writing three books.

The first one was “The art of storytelling” – a work book providing a toolbox on how to tell stories from literature, from the Bible, and from your own life.

My second book was “The imperfect life” which focused on Bible stories. Here I retold 42 stories from the Bible and in addition I gave my own personal bid on a contemporary interpretation of each story. My main point was to show that Bible stories are an alternative to today’s narrative of the perfect life. According to the Bible flaws, defeats, suffering are part of our basic conditions as human beings.

In my third book, called “In the mirror of literature”, I focused on stories from contemporary literature and how to use them as wisdom and guidance in your everyday life when we are wrestling with identity, joys and defeats, illness and death. Stories from good literature can provide enlightenment and ‘learning’, not in the sense of academic studies but in the practical understanding of life.