My new ‘London violin’

After trying out approximately 25 different violins I finally made my choice and bought the Stentor Master made 2018 and a Pernambuco bow. It was hands down the best one within my budget. I bought it at JP Guivier violin shop in Mortimer Street, just off Regent’s street in London.

To me it’s easy to play, it feels good, has an even tone over all four strings, and a clear, full, direct, focused sound. Aesthetically the look of the violin is pleasing. It’s a great fiddle for folk-music, singalong hymns, drinking songs, folk songs, folk dance. It goes well in the church, in the garden, in the living room.

The Stentor Master is Stentors top-end violin. Truly it is a step-up for me, it is much better than my old violin. It is handmade in a Stentor workshop in China using no power tools, crafted by hand with chisels, knives, gouges and scrapers. The set-up has been done by a professional luthier in the violin shop Guivier in Mortimer Street, London.

Stentor is a British London based music company, specialised in stringed instruments. It was founded in 1895. Today it is located in Reigate, south of London. The Stentor workshop is located in Taixing in China.

J P Guivier is a British London based company trading string instruments. Today it’s located in Mortimer Street, London.

So this is my London violin.

By the way, what is the difference between a violin and a fiddle? There is no difference in regards to the instrument. When it comes down to it, the difference is the way you play the instrument. If you are playing by ear, it’s fiddling and if you are playing what’s on the sheet with precision, it’s a violin. Also, when fiddling you can do your own bowing. So, my violin is a fiddle due to my way of playing.

The Stentor Master violin

  • One of Stentors high-grade violins. Produced in limited quantities in Stentors workshop in Taixing, China.
  • Set up at Guiviers violin workshop  by a professional luthier.
  • Hand crafted body, spruce front, maple back, ribs & neck
  • Hand applied antique oil warnish
  • Inlaid purfling
  • Ebony Guarneri model Chinrest
  • Fitted Aubert premium quality Bridge
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • English pattern ebony pegs
  • English pattern ebony Hill model E adjuster tailpiece
  • Ebony top nut
  • Comes with Thomastik Dominant strings, but I have applied Eudoxa strings to soften the tone a bit.